Tech Startup CEO Creates Social Directory to Promote Black-Owned Businesses Around the World

Rameish Budhoo, founder of the Black Nation app

BLM has made headlines for the past month following the death of George Floyd at the hands of local police in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This isn’t the first time American headlines and media have echoed their cries in support of Black Americans fighting against police brutality and black equality across the country. One entrepreneur decided to take it a step further and help his fellow black business owners.
Rameish Budhoo created an app called Black Nation in 2018 and fully launched it in January 2019. Its a business directory and social app for Black-owned businesses and their customers.

“People in and out of our community want to support black-owned brands, but have an extremely difficult time locating them,” said Rameish. “Black Nation is a social business directory and social media platform. You can hang out, find businesses to support, but also have the chance to win gifts, share updates, stories, and much more.”

Black Nation is much more than just a black business directory and a basic social media platform, though. Its main mission is to help promote and market black businesses. “The purpose of the app is black empowerment and black ownership, but most importantly black unity. Thus the name, Black Nation,” said Rameish.

It is a free app that enables users from near and far to locate and work with businesses owned by black individuals. As a consumer, if you want to use the app, simply search for the kind of business you need out of the categories listed.

The most recent update also allows business owners to participate in giveaways for their customers. Unlike other platforms, the giveaway is easy to run. The app handles every part of the contests and giveaways from creation to selecting and notifying the winners. The giveaways can be global or the business owner can even specify the location of the contestants.

The explore section also allows users to follow and connect with other users on the app. It promotes social interaction and fosters community within the app, which is crucial in times of social distancing. While the directory is the heart of the Black Nation App, it is truly a community-building platform.

“The name of the app was crucial. We wanted the name to reflect the vision and purpose,” adds Rameish. “The vision and purpose is black empowerment, Black ownership, but most importantly black unity.”


Black Nation launched 18 months ago and now has over 100,000 followers on Instagram and boasts a 4.9 out of 5 stars on the App Store with almost 2,000 customers reviewing the app. Just a few weeks ago, Black Nation was in the top 20 on the Apple App Store and they have been in the Top 100 for several weeks.

Rameish, the founder of Black Nation, always had a desire to be an entrepreneur. “I’ve always believed in creating opportunities for yourself. I decided at a young age that someone else having control over my future and destiny just wasn’t for me.” Not only has Rameish worked to propel himself and his team members forward, but with his innovative new app, he is propelling all members of the Black community forward.

Learn more about the app at or download the app now on iTunes iOS.

Also follow the brand on Instagram: @BlackNationApp
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