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July 21, 2020

Black Teen Makes $18K in 3 Days Teaching Adults How to Invest in the Stock Market

Christon 'The Truth' Jones

13-year old Christon ‘The Truth’ Jones, an investor and stock market prodigy, is the perfect example of reaching for the moon and falling amongst stars. He recently made $18,000 within just 3 days when 36 people signed up for his online course on how to invest in the stock market.
His original goal was to empower 200 people and earn $100,000, but he was not at all disappointed with his accomplishment.

“It was not even half, but it was still something,” said Jones who teaches stock trading courses to children all the way up to adults with PhDs. “My mother encourages me to never limit myself so I am proud I made an effort. I’m disappointed the ads were rejected but I’m grateful I didn’t give up and utilized the resources I had.”

He says that he promoted the course by single-handedly launching a grassroots marketing plan by word of mouth and emails. It obviously worked, and he is motivated to keep going.

Jones, a motivational speaker and founder of the Truth PlayMakers Awards Honoring Black Excellence in Youth, says he is focused on his mission to empower. “I believe in owning, not borrowing, and giving people the tools they need to impact the community,” he says. “We need to know these movements so that our people can be financially savvy and close the wealth gap.”

Through his website, and his Instagram handle @thetruth2024, he gives life lessons on potential stocks and shows his receipts on his successes.