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July 20, 2020

Nonprofit Launches Black Business Platform to Help Promote Financial Independence

Rodney Williams, founder of BBoss Nation

BBoss Nation Inc (Black Business One-Stop Shop) is a nonprofit organization with the primary mission of helping the Black community achieve financial independence. Founded by Rodney R. Williams, the organization has launched an online platform at
Recognizing economic prosperity is currently out of reach for tens of millions of Black people often due to systemic racism and other structural issues, they will not accept this as an excuse to remain stagnant. Using Black Wall Street as inspiration, they have seen what is possible when the Black community works hard and sticks together to build each other up one person and business at a time!

Rodney comments, "The great news is that we are currently in a unique moment in time that presents an opportunity for us to bend the arc of history more towards civil and economic justice as Dr. King famously stated. There’s no doubt that we as a people have the necessary talent, skills, and most importantly will to seize it!"

The primary obstacle for many current and future Black entrepreneurs is the lack of capital to either start or expand their businesses along with high marketing costs. They believe that if this issue is properly addressed, Black entrepreneurship will explode throughout the nation which would drastically increase Black wealth.

"Black people currently spend well over a trillion dollars annually in the U.S. but only about 2% of our money goes to Black-owned businesses... this has to change," Rodney says. "If we consciously increased our spending at Black-owned businesses to only 20%, it would result in an additional $250 billion dollars being injected directly into our communities. This would enable Black business owners to grow and hire more Black people from their neighborhoods, lowering Black unemployment rates drastically!"

Their 3-step plan is simple but will be very effective:

Step 1 - Black Business Platform
They have designed a state of the art, very low-cost platform for Black business owners to advertise their products and services to a nationwide audience. All profits made from advertising fees and sponsors will go directly to either helping new black entrepreneurs get started or existing black businesses grow.

Step 2 - Spread the Word
Spreading the word through social media and word of mouth will be key factors. They are depending on everyone with the common goal of black self-reliance and independence to participate by simply letting people know about them starting with your friends and family along with black businesses you currently patronize. Soon they will be introducing “The Evolution Will Be Televised” campaign that will reward anyone that is responsible for black businesses advertising on their website.

Step 3 - Circulate the Dollar
By thoughtfully investing all profits from both business advertisements and from sponsors directly back into the Black community’s businesses and people, using the principles of the multiplier effect with a goal of every one dollar invested will create 10 times the economic impact.

For more details and/or to join, visit

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