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July 20, 2020

This Black-Owned Pizza Restaurant Sources Ingredients From Other Black Businesses

The Missing Brick, Black-owned pizza restaurant in Indianapolis

The Missing Brick, an Indianapolis-based pizza restaurant owned by entrepreneur Que Wimberly, is not only serving unique pizza but is also supporting other Black-owned businesses by using their specialty ingredients to create artful, delicious toppings.
For example, the restaurant's Wood Stock pizza flavor uses brisket garnished with cheeses and barbecue sauces from a local establishment called Hank's Smoked Briskets.

Also, their best-seller, The Trap Pizza, is topped with jumbo shrimps and crab and uses a special sauce made by Chef Oya, who owns a local seafood delivery service called The Trap.

Clearly, Wimberly not only succeeded in her own business but she is also helping to uplift other local Black-owned restaurants. Instead of seeing them as competition, she is collaborating with them for the benefit of the whole community as well.

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