African American CEO Brings Inclusion to Esports

Shaon Berry, CEO of Metro Esports and Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small has signed a landmark partnership with Metro Esports to create a summer series of VR experiences for the city’s 8,000+ students. As graduations and proms transition from grand scale events to small virtual gatherings, the city’s administration is already hard at work finding ways to help students stay connected and entertained through a likely socially distant summer.
Metro Esports, a Black-owned company, brings the infrastructure necessary to make this program a success. With an innovative platform dedicated to assets such as live stream gaming competitions, both virtual and live event production, and total technology immersion, Metro Esports is devoted to enhancing all facets of an online experience.

Despite their mission to provide virtual escapism during these unprecedented times, Metro Esports' CEO, Shaon Berry, hopes to create a lasting impact for students long after COVID-19. “Esports is already the fastest growing sport in the world but more importantly it serves as a great conduit to tech-based education and scholarship opportunities,” said the CEO. “Metro is excited to partner with Mayor Small, as well as the Atlantic City School District, in giving young people an opportunity to stay in community with one another, compete, and have a great time doing it.”

Students have much to look forward to by way of esports leagues, virtual education, and live stream STEM broadcasts. Metro Esports is committed to providing a forward-thinking approach to educate and expose students to the world of online gaming beyond the highly popularized leisure aspect. Metro’s new online league platform is just the pivot needed in such a time of uncertainty. As COVID-19 continues to dictate so many aspects of our day-to-day life, parents are left with little direction on ways to productively occupy kids over the summer while keeping them safe.

“It gives me great pleasure for the City of Atlantic City and the Atlantic City School District to partner with Metro Esports,” said Mayor Small. “In March, the world changed for us all. With our children unable to fully recreate themselves, as Mayor of the great city of Atlantic City, I couldn’t think of a more creative way to engage and recreate our children during the pandemic. Metro Esports has great relationships and a partnership with NFL Flag, EA Sports and Logitech just to name a few. We look forward to our children in the great city of Atlantic City, receiving an amazing experience.”

Summer activities are at the forefront of parent’s minds as traditional camps reduce the number of campers, go virtual, or simply cancel their 2020 season and opportunities for summer employment dwindle. Mayor Small and Mr. Berry see the advantage of not only entertaining students but showing them what opportunities await them in the tech industry. With Metro Esports’ arsenal of strategic partners including big name brands such as Microsoft and SAP Atlantic City’s diverse student body (82% minority) will gain invaluable skills and mentorship that will broaden their view of their future.

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