List of 300+ Incredible Young Black CEOs and Business Leaders Published Online

These young CEOs are as young as 5-years old, but have accomplished more than most do in a lifetime.

Renowned young mogul brand management & consulting firm, Raising A Mogul, LLC, is introducing the world to more than 300 Black-owned brands owned and operated by young CEOs - many of whom are too young to drive. Ranging from ages 5 to 19, each of their names, web sites, and social media handles have been compiled and published online.
“These young Black CEOs are some of the dopest creators and innovators on the planet, and they are the owners of strong, thriving businesses, while many of them are not even old enough to drive. They represent where our world is headed when it comes to retail, fashion, beauty, and entrepreneurship in general,” says Tamara Zantell, the CEO of Raising a Mogul, LLC, while talking about the list published by her platform. “These young business leaders are our promising future and they are already taking a lead in their respective areas of business,” she added.

Among these young Black CEOs is 19-year old Zandra A. Cunningham, who is a proud owner and founder of her plant-based skincare company with her brand sold in retail stores worldwide. Becoming the first African American teen to land permanent shelf space in Target Stores is a huge accomplishment for this teen mogul and she is inspiring the next generations of business leaders worldwide

In addition, Daara and Demilade Olaniyan, who are 13 and 10-year old, are the proud co-founders of The Dream Basket Delights, which is a popular sweet treats and delights company in Nigeria.

Shai's World is a 5 free indie, vegan & cruelty-free nail polish company, founded by 15-year old Shaiann Hogan in 2015. Then there is 6-year-old Kyle who is the founder of Kyle Jackie Hair Care, a company defining the grooming experience for boys while empowering them to embrace their hair care journey and his products are for boys only. At the age of 6, Jade Kelly launched her first business called Jade’s Journee as a way to combat bullying. Besides Jade, 11-year old Saniyya Hunt is the CEO of Sassy G Nailz, a low-toxin, vegan nail polish brand with global recognition.

Moreover, Gabby Goodwin is a 12-year old CEO of Confidence, a game-changing haircare company. Furthermore, Sharnae Hunt is a 19-year old influencer whose YouTube channel SimplySharnae encourages young women to embrace and love themselves for who they are. Another YouTube influencer is 5-year old Symona Hunt, who reviews products in the most adorable way possible.

Also on the list is 5-year old Makenzie Robertson, the CEO of Kenzie Inspires Travel, which creates unique cultural learning experiences. 14-year old journalist, Dai Time Boiler is also a publisher, motivational speaker, and a young media correspondent. Another young CEO worth mentioning here is child author Lexi P., who is the CEO of Curlanista hair products that are currently available at Sally Beauty Stores across the country. Kidz Mic’s kidpreneur founders tell their story in their bestselling book Future So Bright and also recorded a dope positive music CD. Also on the list are motivational speaker Trinity Bush, Karter Johnson, CEO of Popcorn and Books and James Collier III, the young CEO of III4me The Anti-bullying Movement.

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