Three Brothers Launch Kentucky's First Ever Black-Owned Bourbon Brand

Founders of Brough Brothers Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky

Three brothers from Louisville, Kentucky are planning to manufacturer their own bourbon via their company called Brough Brothers Distillery. It will be one of the only Black-owned distilleries in the country, and the first Black-owned business of its kind in the state of Kentucky.
The brothers Victor, Christian, and Bryson Yarbrough may have gone different ways as they grew older, but they did not forget the lessons and experiences they learned as children. So they decided to team up to create their own products to make an impact locally and globally.

Victor, who has been staying in England for 10 years, first came up with the idea of bottling wines and other drinks in the U.K. Partnering with his 2 brothers, they are hoping to expand their reach to other areas by exporting their products while also making it available locally.

The distillery, which will be built on a 2,200-square-feet location, will house its production area as well as a tasting room. They have chosen to establish it on the West End location as it has shown great potential of revitalization.

For more information about Brough Brothers Distillery, visit or follow the brand on Facebook
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