Black-Owned Line of Herbal Products Now Sold in Giant Supermarket Chain

Roger Gore, CEO and founder of G’Natural Herbal Products

Roger Gore, CEO and founder of G’Natural Herbal Products, has announced that his award-winning company’s new line of hair care products, Alpha Club for Men, is now available at over 400 Giant food stores mostly on the east coast. The full line of hair and body products are for men who shave, choose to grow their beard, or simply enjoy personal grooming.
The line includes beard moisturizers, oil and shine products; anti-bump skin tonic and razor relief; hair pomade and pudding, and a selection of body butters.

Gore, who shares the same birthday as beauty icon and entrepreneur Madame C.J. Walker, view the new relationship with Giant Foods as a blessing. His father, George W. Gore Sr., once worked for the food chain in 1969 as the company’s produce manager, and was even featured in a local newspaper at the time. Gore had decided to take time off, to the detriment of his business, to provide in-home care for his father who was diagnosed with Dementia at the age of 84.

He had promised his father that he would never commit him to a nursing home. His father eventually passed away January 2018, aged 93, receiving a full military funeral ceremony at Arlington, being a WWII Korean Veteran. Gore would produce a documentary to encourage and inspire other caregivers, titled “The Promise.”

As fate would have it, Gore, who had previously pitched his products to Giant, received confirmation months after his father’s death, that they would accept G’Natural’s new line. Considering the choice he made to care for his father, instead of his business, Gore felt Giant accepting his product line was more than just a coincidence.

G’Natural Herbal Products was launched in 1996, when Gore noticed his thinning hair and became determined to find a remedy. Being a former stylist, Gore used his knowledge of herbal extracts and botanicals to create G’Natural’s signature lines of L.O.C. (liquid/Oil/Crème) hair and body moisture system for women and men.

G’Natural has now won five Naturally Curly Editor’s Choice Awards in 2016 “Best Hair Oil”; 2017 and 2018 “Best Conditioner.” Alpha Club for Men also won in 2018 for “Best New Men’s Collection” and 2019, “Best of the Best.”

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