Founder of First Black-Owned Toddler Shoe Line to Release Limited Edition Designs

Yolandra Rodgers, founder of Tippy Tot Shoes

A trendy toddler shoe brand, Tippy Tot Shoes, has re-invented the shoelace keeper with bells - a vintage shoe accessory to help track your wandering tot while protecting them from trip-ups when walking. Yolandra Rodgers, the creative entrepreneur, shoe designer, and founder of the company is offering a different take on styles for toddlers – putting together vintage shoes and accessories for a vintage-retro look, dating back to 1904.
Rodgers noted that keeping up with beginner walkers can be a challenge, especially in crowded places. Shoelace keepers are perfect for helping to track your little ones who tend to sneak off. Most parents would agree that this accessory is the best GPS that never turns off. Safety is one of the biggest priorities and a peace of mind. Though it may be nerve wracking to some, it serves as a great investment packed with fun, fashion and protection.

Yolandra Rodgers told a footwear news panel, “Over the last 30 years, vintage pieces are a very impressive collection to the fashion industry – seeking a way to preserve classic and elegant styles of another era. Collectively, our entire inventory is becoming most notable among celebrity babies, modeling agencies, theatrical productions, bridal parties and stylish folks who love unique, comfortable shoes.”

She is planning to add an Activewear Collection of Vintage Tee’s and Walkers to her product line-up in Spring 2020 to keep toddler’s healthy and fashionable in every season.

Tippy Tot Shoes will release its limited edition of Vintage Shoelace Keepers on Black Friday this year at midnight for $15 and the sale will extend until Cyber Monday.

Rodgers added, “Major retail stores have already placed orders to stock their stores in time for their holiday shoppers. Tippy Tot Shoes is the only retailer on the market that will stock an array of colors to match their stylish collection of walkers.”

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