13-Year Old Entrepreneur Opens Bakery to Help Feed the Homeless

Michael Platt, founder of Michael's Desserts

Michael Platt, a 13-year old boy from Bowie, Maryland, has always been passionate about baking. He also loves to help the homeless and hungry. With his own bakery called Michaels Desserts, he is able to express his love for both by donating treats to those in need for each dessert he sells.
"I always wanted to have a purpose for what I do," Michael told the Washington Post. "It's all about helping people -- not just having a purpose for yourself, but thinking about, 'How does this touch other things?'"

Two years ago, Michael founded the business he called Michaels Desserts. There was no apostrophe for a reason: he really wanted to bake for others and not for himself.

With the profit from the cupcakes he sold per month (which averages 75 cupcakes a month), Michael makes more than 100 treats to donate at transitional housing and domestic violence shelters at Washington, D.C. He has also recently helped raise money for No Kid Hungry, a nonprofit which aims to end child hunger in the U.S., by teaching a baking class.

Michael, who is now home-schooled, bakes from the kitchen of his family's home to serve desserts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, as well as individual orders. His mother, Danita Platt, is happy he has found a diversion after he had to withdraw from public school when he was diagnosed with epilepsy and he suffered severe seizures.

"It was a very, very difficult time," Danita said about the time Michael was diagnosed. "He had to stop everything he loved: gymnastics, climbing trees, diving. So that's when he kind of threw himself into baking."

Moreover, Michael shows off his innovative side by creating a themed cupcake every month which he calls "freedom fighter cupcakes." He has since made a cupcake to honor Martin Luther King Jr. and Maya Angelou, among others. He also plans to make cupcakes in tribute of Harriet Tubman and Nelson Mandela.

"So I choose a person to base a cupcake off for each month," Michael said. "And each month I have a flavor that represents them -- and I'll tell their story on my Instagram page."

Michael hopes his edible creations help spread awareness of our history and inspire others to advocate for social equality.

For more information or to order online, visit www.michaelsdesserts.com
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