Oprah Mentored This Group of Kids, and Now They Run a Successful Business Flipping Homes

Oprah with the founders of Junior Flips

In 2017, six elementary school kids from the Washington, DC area grew tired of playing video games and watching TV. So after an inspirational chance meeting with Oprah Winfrey along with seed money from one of the parents they partnered up and launched a company called Junior Flips. These young entrepreneurs range in age, from 7 to 13 years old.
Small people with a big plan

Junior Flips takes distressed properties and transforms them into beautifully renovated single-family homes in Washington, DC, and Maryland. Since starting their company, they have already flipped two homes generating a profit of more than $250,000.

8-year-old Alianna, CEO of the company, comments, "We renovate rusty old homes and we make them more desirable for first-time home buyers.

9-year-old Dominic, co-CEO of the company, adds, "It's pretty simple! We flip houses and make a profit."

Alianna adds, "We are not like other kids because we are not watching TV or playing video games. We are busy doing our doing our business."

On meeting with Oprah

They say they were inspired when they met media mogul Oprah Winfrey while on vacation in Los Angeles. However, instead of asking her for an autograph like most people would do, they asked her for business advice.

"She told us to give back, work hard, and never give up," says Alianna. "If Oprah tells us something, I would do it because... she's global!"

Their company was launched just a few weeks later after meeting with Oprah, but they did have to get a small business loan that they paid back in less than six months.

Now, they are operating a real, profitable company. They identify properties, hire contractors, hand-pick the material, budget, paint, landscape, do all of the interior design, and strategize as a team.

For more details about their company, visit JuniorFlips.com or follow them on Facebook.

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