Black-Owned Startup Launches Virtual Reality Ticketing Platform to Help Event Planners Market Their Events

Michael Purnell, founder of Sievent, an all-in-one virtual reality ticketing platform
Michael Purnell, founder of Sievent
Michael Purnell, an African American entrepreneur from Sacramento, California, established a startup after discovering that there are a lot of good, beneficial events in every area but people aren't even aware of it due to marketing limitations. So, he created Sievent, an all-in-one virtual reality ticketing platform that has been breaking through the barriers in events marketing, allowing easier and faster sales of more tickets at live events.
Last year, Sievent was launched to help both event organizers and attendees stay connected before, during, and after an event. It is an end-to-end platform that includes all the stages of an event from the promotion, ticketing, and payment to event analytics and social media management.

Whether it is for a concert, conference, seminar, games, or workshop, the breakthrough app aims to change the traditional way of promoting events, which is through word of mouth and paying for tickets in person.

Through Sievent, event organizers can spread awareness about the event through social networks like Facebook without breaking their marketing budget. Those who want to buy tickets can also purchase directly online with a credit card.

What's more, Sievent also offers a different event experience through virtual technology. All that's needed is a smartphone, any VR headset, a good internet that could handle at least 4k streaming, and you're good to go.

"You'll have the best seat in the house and it's right from your own home," Purnell said about the innovation.

This year, Purnell plans to expand Sievent internationally through building an advisory board that would help open up new partnerships and opportunities.

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