Top Black-Owned Apparel Lines For Young Black Girls and Teens

Young black girls

There are many places to buy clothes for children, especially girls. But if you want to take a break from typical places like Walmart, Target, and Children's Place, there are several Black-owned apparel companies that make high-quality clothing for children.
Here are some good ones that make t-shirts, blouses, dresses, dashikis, and more for young African and African-American girls:

#1 - ChubiiLine: Motivated to stop bullying, 10-year old Egypt (Ify) Ufele launched this unique apparel line which features t-shirts, hats, bags, and baby onesies. At the young age of just 5 years old, her grandmother began teaching her how to sew, and she practiced by making clothes for her Barbie dolls.

#2 - Pretty Brown Girls: T-shirts, onesies and wristbands that promote a special message of self love and empowerment for daughters, granddaughters, nieces, sisters, etc. The organization also offers powerful workshops, events and curriculums for Blacks girls and young women.

#3 - Adorably African: Adorable African print clothing for babies and children. Designer Akeeba Maze, a Howard University graduate from Washington, DC uses authentic 100% African wax cotton by Vlisco or DaViva to create beautiful dresses, dashikis, blankets, onesies and more for girls.

#4 - Pink Grey NYC: Based in New York, a designer that goes by the name of Cici (who is a graduate of Spelman College) has created some premium artwork, apparel, and accessories featuring favorite hip hop and R&B lyrics, sorority artwork, inspirational quotes and much more.

#5 - Evolving Diva, Inc.: Founded by Erica V. Walton, a designed based in Chicago, this unique apparel company features a RoyalTee Collection that showcases black girls and women as queens and little princesses.

#6 - Forever Regal Cosmetics: An an independent cosmetics company created to appreciate and celebrate the beauty of black women. But in addition to makeup, they also sell beautiful dashikis, handmade bags, and jewelry for Black women and girls.
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