This Woman Entrepreneur Built an App Without Knowing How to Code -- and Now She's a Millionaire!

Tara Reed, creator of Kollecto app and Apps Without Code

Building an app without knowing how to code? How is that possible? Ask Tara Reed from Detroit, Michigan. This genius entrepreneur created a successful app, even though she knew nothing about coding - and little did she know that it would make her a millionaire!
How it all started

Tara has always had an interest in fine art, but she could not find an app that would help her to find art that matched her taste. She eventually made the decision to just create the app herself, but she didn't know a thing about coding. So, she used existing technology to create her app!

The result: Kollecto - a unique app that sends users handpicked selections of original and editioned artworks by amazing established and emerging artists. The recommendations sent to users are 100% based on their unique taste, style... and budget.

So how did she become a millionaire?

After releasing the app on iTunes and Android, Tara then did a presentation with TEDx, an independent non-profit organization that sparks online conversations to share ideas in communities around the world.

Her presentation was about helping other non-technical people build, market, and monetize their own apps! This lead to an immediate consulting job with a major tech firm that earns her over $1 million a year.

Her advice to others

Tara, who graduated from Columbia University in NYC, says do not let fear prevent you from doing something great. While many would work until it was perfect, Reed suggests just doing it and not to be afraid of making changes in the process.

She recently told Entrepreneur Magazine, “When people ask me for advice, I tell them: Get going. Chances are, you’ll have something wrong, but you won’t know until you test those assumptions with actions.”

For more details about her Kollecto app, visit

For more details about Tara Reed, visit
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