And the 2016 New York Black Business Award Winners Are...

New York Black Business Award Winners

New York Black Business Awards, Inc. is a company that recognizes Black Businesses who do an extraordinary job in their individual categories or fields. The company honors not only African American businesses but all black-owned businesses, including Caribbean, Jamaican, British West Indian, Haitian, French, Creole, American, Southerners, Northerners and more.

For the second consecutive year, the organization recognizes all types of New York black professionals and businesses who excel and honor their black heritage. The winners for 2016, by category, are:

The businesses recognized are from a wide cross-section of categories, including restaurants, professional services, beauty services, fitness, and non-profit organizations. In addition to business owners, the organization also recognizes executives, community leaders, and other individuals whose work has provided community support for black professionals and businesses.

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