Microsoft Joins Apple in Doing Business With Minority Firms -- Once Again, Thanks to Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson speaking at Microsoft event

It was just recently that Technology giant Apple opened their doors to welcome two minority-owned firms as investors. Microsoft has followed their lead by recently opening their doors to not just two but 4 minority-owned firms as investors.

Microsoft tops Apple in selling to minority-firms

Following Apple's recent bond sale of $6.5 billion which included two minority-owned firms as buyers, Microsoft topped Apple by selling $10.75 billion in corporate bonds, including sales to four minority-owned firms. The firms were CastleOak Securities, Loop Capital Markets, Samuel A. Ramirez and Co., and The Williams Capital Group.

Jesse Jackson very pleased

Jesse Jackson has been a long-time proponent of hiring more minorities in technology firms. The technology industry has been dominated by white and Asian men. Jackson has appeared in public on numerous occasions to put pressure on technology companies to become more diverse. This includes hiring more women and minorities as employees, executives and suppliers. He couldn't be more pleased with the recent actions by both Apple and Microsoft.

Jesse's comment on Microsoft's recent announcement was commendation "for their leadership and commitment to diversity and inclusion." Jackson stated, "They are changing the flow of the river." And he is hoping that other technology companies follow the lead.

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