Top Black Business Women To Attend Black Enterprise's 2015 Women of Power Summit in Florida

Women of Power Summit

Every year since 2006, black women across the country have been recognized by Black Enterprise for their amazing contributions and accomplishments. They have impacted the lives of others and even changed the course of history. This year's recipients will be no less inspiring and empowering to other women attending the 2015 Women of Power Summit.

Why these women are so extraordinary

When you learn what these amazing women have accomplished, you will understand why they deserve to be honored with the Women of Power Legacy Awards. At the 2015 Women of Power Summit to be held at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa, recipients include black women from a wide range of industries, including entertainment, politics, journalism, corporate, and others. The Women of Power Legacy Awards represents the highlight of the Women of Power Summit.

Who should attend the Summit?

The 2015 Summit will take place March 3, 2015. Attendees include women of color from all walks, including entertainers, activists, authors, journalists, mid- to senior-level managers, corporate executives, HR officers, diversity officers, and professionals in the fields of medicine, education and more. More than 800 professional business women of color across the country attend this annual event.

What you can expect from the Summit

During the Summit, women will spend four days listening to featured speakers, participating in workshops, learning leadership and management skills, and networking with other executive women and entrepreneurs. They will also enjoy fun and relaxation that includes group dinners, workout sessions, and nightly entertainment.

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