Meet Judy Smith -- The Real Life Olivia Pope From The Hit Show "Scandal"

Olivia Pope With Judy Smith

If you are a fan of the hit ABC show drama Scandal, you may be surprised to know that the television series is based on a real life person named Judy Smith. Not only is she a highly successful crisis management expert (just like on the show), but she also serves as creative inspiration, co-executive producer and technical advisor for the show.

Back in 2010, Smith reportedly met for just 3 hours with Shonda Rhimes and Betsey Beers, the show's producers, and the rest was history with the first episode of Scandal airing on April 5, 2012. Now the show is an international hit!

So who is the real life Olivia Pope?

Well, Judy A. Smith is the founder and President of Smith & Company, a leading strategic and crisis communications firm with offices in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles. Over the last 25 years, Ms. Smith has brought her unique combination of communication skills, media savvy, legal and political acumen to clients facing a wide array of issues and challenges throughout the United States and abroad.

Ms. Smith honed her skills through her experiences with some of the most historic and sensational events of our time, including the Iran Contra investigation, the prosecution of former Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, the 1991 Gulf War, the Los Angeles riots, the Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Justice Clarence Thomas, the President Clinton scandal involving Monica Lewinsky, the congressional inquiry of Enron, and the United Nations Foundation and World Health Organization response to the SARS epidemic.

Her high profile clients

She has served as a consultant for a host of high profile, celebrity and entertainment clients over the course of her career including, but not limited to, Monica Lewinsky, Senator Craig from Idaho, actor Wesley Snipes, NFL quarterback Michael Vick, and the family of Chandra Levy.

Most recently, Sony has hired Smith's company to handle the PR for their recent hack attack from what many believe was North Korean government officials.

She is also the author of the book, Good Self, Bad Self, and has received numerous communications and leadership awards and is active in community service. She is currently scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the upcoming 2015 Black Enterprise’s Women of Power Summit in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on March 2–4, 2015.
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