The Top 50 Schools For Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurship is now at its highest level in 14 years, according to research by Babson College, located outside Boston. What is interesting about the increase is how many people are starting their own businesses because they want to take advantage of a business idea, not because they are forced to do as a result of losing their jobs. Babson College knows much about this subject; they were rated the number one school for entrepreneurs in a ranking by Princeton Review and Entrepreneur Magazine.

The top 50 schools for entrepreneurs

The schools listed as the cream of the crop for entrepreneurs won their places because they offer the best courses that prepare students to become entrepreneurs. The list contains 25 schools that have the best undergraduate programs and 25 schools with the best graduate programs. These schools offer courses that are conducive to creating entrepreneurs, ranging from business to actual training courses for entrepreneurs.

Highlights of the top 50

It's easy to see why Babson College won first place. They have a required course that all freshman must take called Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship. The courses gives them hands-on experience in starting a business by giving them a $5,000 loan to create their own business. The loan is paid back at the end of the year and the business profits are donated to charity, but the real learning experience is in actually creating a real business of their own. University of Houston comes in second, offering 31 entrepreneurship-related undergraduate courses, and Baylor University in Waco, Texas is number 3 with 25 entrepreneurship-related courses.

How the top 50 are different than other schools

These top 50 schools are different because they offer straight entrepreneurship courses and classes. Their curriculum is much more than finance and marketing. It's also capitalization and funding, and how to write a business plan. And many, like Babson, give students start-your-own-business training projects.

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