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March 28, 2014

African Businesses Get a Helping Hand From The Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative

Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative

Software giant Microsoft is a huge supporter of improving the economic development of Africa. In 2013, the company initiated a new grant program called Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative which awards grants to small- and medium-size businesses (SMEs) in Africa who develop innovative technology solutions to real problems. The program awarded grants again this year.

The grants are part of a large initiative by Microsoft to help one million African small- and medium-size businesses. By supporting SMEs who develop technology solutions for Africa, the program will not only help build Africa’s economy but also make Africa more competitive in a global market.

Five African start-up companies received grants in 2014. The common thread among all the companies was technology. From games to low-cost tablets or programs and devices for online shopping, these companies showed the innovative spirit Microsoft is looking for. They received grants and also technical support and business mentoring from Microsoft.

Microsoft has been a leader in changing the way the world conducts both their professional and personal lives. Countries such as Africa need to bring business online in order to remain competitive. Microsoft's endeavors to help Africa do just that includes grants for SMEs, helping one million young Africans get access to smart devices, improving the work skill proficiency level among 100,000 graduating African students, and improving work skills among another 100,000 Africans already in the workforce.

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