3 Ways To Design an Effective Business Card

Business cards have been used for years to promote businesses, and they are still being used. Designing a good business card is important. Why? Because they not only serve to tell customers about your business but a well-designed business card will also compel customers to look into your products and services. Here are some tips on how to get your customers' attention with a business card.

#1 - Limit the fonts to just one or two

Using several different fonts will make your business card look too busy and may confuse the customer. Use only one or two. Make sure the font is in alignment with the nature of your business. If you're selling comic books, using a fun font like Comic Sans would be appropriate, but it would send the wrong message if your business is financial services.

#2 - Choose the right color

Here is where you will want to do some research on how colors affect customers. Blue, for example, is used often for high-end merchandise and services, yellow, red and orange are used often for products that are meant to attract children, and green is used for organic products.

#3 - Be Creative

If your business is pop-up displays, design a pop-up card. Various metals and other materials can be used to align with the materials used in your product line. If your business is graphics such as 3D, a 3D card would be a great way to grab the customer's attention and also show off your skills. Be creative and design a card that is unique yet appropriate for your business.

One you have completed a draft, stand back and ask, "What does my business card say about me?" Make sure you get opinions from friends and business associates to ensure you have a design that will work for your business.
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