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February 21, 2023

Great-Granddaughter of First Black Millionaire Madam C.J. Walker Celebrates 100 Years with Brand Relaunch

Founders, granddaughter of Madam C.J. Walker

More than a century later, A'Lelia Bundles, the great-great-granddaughter of Madam C.J. Walker, has launched a new line of Black hair care products to honor her grandmother's legacy. The brand, called Madam by Madam C.J. Walker, is already available in over 3,000 Walmart stores and online.

February 19, 2023

Ex-Convict Opens Vegan Donut Shop, First Ever Black-Owned Business in Brooklyn Heights, NYC

Derrick Faulcon

Derrick Faulcon, who was formally incarcerated for 11 years, is now the founder and CEO of Cloudy Donut Co., a vegan donut shop that just became the first-ever Black-owned business in Brooklyn Heights, New York City where the population is 72% white. Their donuts are 100% vegan, made with ingredients such as applesauce, coconut milk, and shortening instead of animal products.

February 17, 2023

Black Entrepreneur Puts New Spin on Outdated Backpack Designs, Partners with HBCUs

Chad Porter, founder of Wearpack

Meet Chad Porter, the 23-year-old founder and inventor of the Wearpack, a patent-pending detachable front handbag and backpack combined as one with an adjustable shoulder and waist bag. Because of its unique design, it’s lighter and easier to carry. He already has exclusive partnerships and licensing deals with three HBCUs  North Carolina A&T, Hampton University, and Simmons College.

February 16, 2023

32-Year-Old Black Entrepreneur, Mom of 4, Secures Over $15M in Funding for Clients and Students

Laine Bradley

Laine Bradley, a 32-year-old Haitian-American woman from Raleigh, NC, has helped small businesses and nonprofit organizations secure over $15 million in grant funding. She is the founder and CEO of Vraiment Financial, a full financial firm focused on providing innovative client solutions. In addition, she is the creator of the Grant Capital Society, a funding resource community for new and existing small businesses and organizations that provides information, resources, and training to become grant ready.

February 15, 2023

Entrepreneur Makes History, Opens First Ever Black-Owned Bank in Arkansas

Arlo Washington

Meet Arlo Washington, the founder and CEO of People Trust Community Federal Credit Union, an accredited, full-service credit union in North Little Rock, Arkansas that provides access to capital to low and moderate-income communities. It is the first and only Black-owned financial institution in the entire state of Arkansas.

February 13, 2023

23-Year-Old Black Entrepreneur Owns Her Own Poultry Farm, Egg Prices Not a Concern

Ramokone Sannah Kwakwa

Meet Ramokone Sannah Kwakwa, a 23-year-old entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of New Dawn Poultry Farm which sells fresh chickens and eggs at affordable prices. Despite the increasing prices of eggs around the world, it has not become a problem for her.

February 10, 2023

Black Entrepreneur Launches Line of Luggage Covers, Travel Accessories That Celebrate African Culture

Teya Dalton, founder of The Passport Hustle

Meet Teya “D-Globetrotter” Dalton, a world traveler turned entrepreneur who is the mastermind behind The Passport Hustle, a Black-owned line of accessories that elevate travel fashion and bring the adage “Black History is More Than a Month” into living color.