Meet the 17-Year-Old Black Teen From Texas Selling Watermelon to Pay For His College Tuition

Meet Kennedy Miller, a 17-year-old African American teen from Rusk County, Texas, who is taking a unique approach to fund his college education by selling watermelons on the side of the road. He is making his own way as he dreams of becoming a Hollywood executive producer in the future.Kennedy's entrepreneurial spirit started in middle school when he sold candy. Now, he's focused on selling watermelons from Grapeland, a small town in Houston County.

"Growing up I always heard the stories, and I knew one day, I wanted to get paid for something like that," Miller told ABC 10.

Each morning, Kennedy, who is a senior at Henderson High School, wakes up early to fetch the watermelons with his family, braving the scorching heat and long hours.

Kennedy's goal isn't just about making money on a summer job, but about investing in his future dreams. He is aiming to save up for tuition to attend Texas A&M, where he hopes to pursue a career in film production.

However, finding spots to sell hasn't been easy. After initial setbacks with location offer falling through, a local business recently stepped in to support Kennedy's cause, allowing him to set up temporarily on their premises.

Meanwhile, his father Steve Miller expressed pride and support for his son's initiative.

"It's not about just following by footsteps but about him using my footsteps to chart his own course. He's got a bright future and I'm so proud of him," Steve Miller said. "I'm glad, honored to be his father."

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