Ice Cube's BIG3 Basketball League Continues to Expand, Adds Two New Franchises in Detroit and Houston

Ice Cube and his company, BIG3 Basketball League, are making big moves with the addition of two new franchises in Detroit, Michigan, and Houston, Texas. Since launching in 2017, BIG3 has been expanding the basketball scene with its unique three-on-three format, featuring former NBA stars and international players.

In a recent Instagram post, BIG3 CEO Ice Cube announced a shift to a city-based model to establish a more permanent presence in local communities. This move aims to evolve beyond the previous setup where the 12-team league traveled across the country, playing games in cities like Chicago, Dallas, Brooklyn, and Miami.

"We need to plant our roots in cities so we can be more than a rolling all-star game coming through. It's really about growing the sport and the league," Ice Cube said.

The expansion began with the sale of the first franchise in Los Angeles for $10 million to investors led by DCB Sports in May. Shortly after, in June, a Miami franchise was also acquired for the same amount. Most recently, businessmen Eric Mullins and Milton Carroll secured rights to a Houston team, marking the league's continued growth, according to Billboard.

Detroit is also getting a franchise for the 2025 season.

These new additions will join the league's existing colorful lineup of teams such as Ghost Ballers, 3 Headed Monsters, 3’s Company, Aliens, Ball Hogs, Bivouac, Enemies, Killer 3s, Power, Tri-State, Trilogy and Triplets.

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