Black Nonprofit Leader to Receive Exemplary Service Luminary Award from the National Bar Association

Toni D. Newman

Toni D. Newman, Director of The Coalition for Justice and Equality Across Movements at NMAC (National Minority AIDS Council) in Washington DC, is being honored by the National Bar Association's LGBTQ division. She will receive the Exemplary Service Luminary Award in Las Vegas this July at Caesars Palace. She also serves as the Chair of the Board/Managing Director for Transcanwork in Los Angeles.

Earlier this year, Toni was honored to be named The Leaders Globe Magazine's cover story of The 10 Most Influential Black Leaders to Watch in 2024. She was also named the 2024 Anthem Awards Gold Medal Nonprofit Leader of the Year for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Her work for equality for all regardless of race, sex, and gender is being recognized by her peers.

Toni's memoir, I Rise: The Transformations of Toni Newman, is listed as #18 on the Goodreads Transgender nonfiction reading list. The memoir was turned into a short film, Heart of a Woman, produced by Alton Demore and British Director Keith Holland featuring Angelica Ross, Isis King, Justin Berti, Rachel Sterling, and Jason Stuart. They are working on a feature film for Heart of a Woman to be released in 2025.

Toni is a graduate of Wake Forest University and a candidate for her Juris of Doctorate. She is a 3-time CEO (St. James Infirmary, LYRIC Youth Foundation, and The Black AIDS Institute), and for the past 20 years, has been advocating for marginalized communities for health equity, justice equity, and inclusion across the board.

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