19-Year-Old Black Teen Real Estate Mogul From Louisiana Already Making Six Figures

Shakira Scott

Meet Shakira Scott, a 19-year-old African American teen real estate agent from Plaquemine, Louisiana, who has already earned six figures after just one year since starting her career. Her journey into the real estate industry began early with inspiration from her mom, who also works in the industry as a real estate broker.

Graduating high school at age 17, Shakira wasted no time diving into real estate. She took her pre-license real estate course while juggling her freshman year at Louisiana State University. Some questioned her decision, asking why she didn't wait until after college. But she was eager to start, seeing it as a path to generational wealth.

"I know what I want from life," she told Fortune. "I kind of felt like why wait when the resources are here and I can do both. Now I have an earlier start than others would, and I'm glad I [made] that decision. It was stressful and it still is kind of stressful, but the good always outweighs the bad."

At the age of 18, she earned her real estate license. However, she initially struggled to make sales. In her first 2 months after getting licensed, she had zero sales. But in her third month, Shakira earned her first commission of $9,000 and has since gained momentum. Within a year, she's already making six figures, consistently hitting the $10,000 mark each month.

"I'm not going to lie, when I got those first two commission checks, I kind of went crazy," she said. "But after that, I was like, I've had my fun, now it's time to just save and invest."

Beyond sales, Shakira is focused on giving back. She plans to develop properties in her hometown and educate others through e-books and social media. With a TikTok following of over 125,000, she shares not just glamour but also insights into her journey.

"When I first started, I was kind of like a ghost," Shakira said. "I wasn't doing any type of advertisement, I wasn't talking to anyone. I just kind of had my license and no one really knew. But once I came up with a good lead generation formula and stuck to it, things really changed for me."

What's more, Scott is balancing her real estate hustle with a marketing major at LSU. Despite some challenges, Scott finds fulfillment in helping clients realize their dreams.

"I want to be successful, I want to inspire other people, so they can see that age has nothing to do with your level of success," Scott said. "If you want something, you can go and get it, and I just want to be that inspiration for people."

Learn more about Shakira via her website at ShakRealtor.com

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