Retired Man From Atlanta Turns School Bus into a Mobile Laundry Service For the Homeless

Nicky Crawford

Nicky Crawford, a retired African American man from Atlanta, Georgia, is using his personal resources to make a profound impact on his city's local homeless population, ensuring they have access to basic necessities. In a city where over a quarter of the state's homeless reside and eviction backlogs in Fulton County are forcing more people onto the streets daily, Crawford’s efforts are a beacon of hope.

What some may consider a chore, Crawford views as a dream fulfilled. With the help of a student-led engineering team from Georgia Tech, he has turned a school bus into a fully operational mobile laundry service for those living on the streets.

“Our goal is to provide clean clothes for the week, so individuals can change regularly. Often, it’s not the people who smell, but their clothes,” he explained.

The idea for the mobile laundry came after the successful launch of Crawford's Flowing with Blessings Inc. shower trailer, which has provided relief for many homeless individuals over the years.

Crawford’s mission extends beyond laundry and showers. He has built a community centered around meeting people’s immediate needs, offering services like haircuts, health checks, and hot meals. During a Juneteenth event in downtown Atlanta, he unveiled his laundry bus, collaborating with PAD, Morehouse School of Medicine, local barbers, and Veterans Affairs representatives.

“We want everyone to feel at home here. Enjoy a meal, take a shower, and be part of a family environment,” Crawford emphasized. His message is clear: with compassion and acceptance, meaningful change is possible. Reflecting on his motivation, Crawford added, “I've always felt for those less fortunate. But for the grace of God, this could be me.”

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