Meet the Black Dentist Helping Dental Practice Owners Break Free from the Grind

Dr. Evelyn Samuel

Dr. Evelyn Samuel, an African American distinguished dentist and efficiency expert, is leading a revolution in the dental industry, offering a lifeline to professionals overwhelmed by the demands of practice ownership. With a powerful combination of personal experience, expertise, and business acumen, Dr. Samuel is on a mission to empower dentists nationwide to reclaim their passion and build thriving practices.From childhood dreams of dentistry to the harsh realities of practice ownership, Dr. Samuel's journey is one of resilience and determination. Faced with the stark realization that traditional dental education leaves graduates ill-prepared for the business side of dentistry, she embarked on a relentless quest for knowledge, gaining invaluable insights from various practice settings and business coaches.

Driven by her own experiences, she developed a deep understanding of the pivotal role that efficient business practices play in driving success. She witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of strategic planning, effective team management, and the implementation of streamlined systems on practice productivity and profitability.

Recognizing the dire need for guidance and support among her peers, Dr. Samuel founded her coaching firm in 2011. Through personalized coaching sessions, workshops, and group programs, she shares her wealth of knowledge and practical strategies for achieving tangible results in dentistry. Her approach is not just about theory — it's about delivering real-world solutions that drive meaningful change.

"As a dentist and a business owner, I've experienced the challenges and frustrations of practice ownership firsthand," says Dr. Samuel. "But I've also discovered the power of efficient systems in transforming practices and lives."

With a relentless commitment to making a lasting impact, Dr. Samuel aims to empower over 200,000 dentists to realize their ideal practice scenarios. By joining forces with Dr. Samuel, dentists can unlock their full potential, elevate their practices, and reclaim their joy in dentistry.

Don't let the grind of practice ownership hold you back. Take the first step towards transformation with Dr. Evelyn Samuel. Visit here to learn more about her coaching services and upcoming team workshops.

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