Black Mom and Son Duo Make History With New Vegan and Gluten-Free Skincare Line For Kids

Patrice Chappelle and son, Bron

Patrice Chappelle and her 13-year-old son, Bron, are the founders of MelanBrand Skin, a pioneering natural skincare company tailored for Black and brown kids. They developed an interest in creating such products when Bron was younger and suffered from extremely dry skin.

“In a market dominated by skincare products for babies and adults, there's a glaring absence on the shelves for school-age children and teens,” states Patrice, who is an HBCU graduate of Fisk University. Alongside her teen son who serves as co-founder and Co-CEO, they are on a mission to fill this critical gap in the industry.

Reflecting on her own struggles as a parent, Patrice recalls the challenges of finding suitable skincare solutions for her son's melanated skin during his younger years. "We searched high and low, only to find limited options beyond basic soap, water, and lotion – none specifically designed for kids, let alone those with melanated skin," she shares.

Driven by this need and her personal journey, Patrice and her son embarked on a quest to create a natural, safe, and effective skincare line tailored explicitly for children and products that were vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, and free from parabens and phthalates. "We recognized the importance of addressing skincare from an early age, not only for appearance but also for instilling lifelong habits," she explains. Each Starter Kit comes with a MelanBrand Skin my skin is beautiful affirmation as a daily reminder to love the skin that you are in, while taking care of it too.

With MelanBrand Skin, Patrice and Bron aim to revolutionize the skincare industry by providing accessible, high-quality products that cater specifically to the needs of Black and brown children. "Our focus is not just on skincare; it's about empowering children to embrace and care for their skin with confidence," she emphasizes.

As the demand for inclusive skincare solutions continues to rise, their products stand at the forefront, offering a transformative approach to skincare that celebrates diversity and promotes self-love.

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MelanBrand Skin, LLC proudly leads the skincare industry with innovation as a groundbreaking skincare company owned and operated by a Black mother-son duo. Its mission revolves around crafting safe and natural skincare solutions tailored for Black and brown children. With an unwavering dedication to quality and safety, the brand distinguishes itself from other brands, emerging as the preferred choice for parents seeking trustworthy and effective skincare for their little ones. MelanBrand Skin caters to a wide range of skin concerns, from the most delicate to the most challenging, including eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and acne-prone skin.

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