Meet the Black Entrepreneur Using AI to Help People With Kidney Disease

Dr. Ikenna Okezie

Meet Dr. Ikenna Okezie, the mastermind behind Somatus, a Black-owned healthcare company based in Northern Virginia that is revolutionizing kidney disease management. With the help of AI, his company helps with early detection, prevention, and empowering patients to take charge of their health.

In 2016, Okezie started Somatus with a mission to shake up how kidney disease is handled. Instead of waiting until it's too late and relying solely on dialysis, Somatus puts the focus on catching kidney issues early and giving patients more control over their health.

Using RenalIQ, a special platform powered by AI, they monitor patients' health through machine learning and analytics. It spots people who might be at risk and offers them virtual care options, all without them needing to leave home.

What's more, they work closely with local doctors and health plans to ensure patients get personalized care at home. In 2022, they've served over 150,000 people got a whopping $325 million in funding in 2022. This made them one of the fastest-growing healthcare startups, valued at $2.5 billion.

"Since our inception, Somatus has always been committed to bringing superior evidence-based integrated care to patients with kidney disease, which delays disease progression, improves quality of life, and lowers total cost of care," Okezie said, according to Shoppe Black.

In 2023, Somatus expanded its partnership with the Kidney Care Center across multiple states, enhancing patient care with local teams and advanced technology. They're committed to addressing health disparities too, as shown by signing the Health Evolution Pledge.

In 2024, Somatus was chosen by Sun Life U.S. as a preferred partner to improve care for members with kidney and heart disease, using AI to cut costs and boost outcomes.

With innovative technology and strong partnerships, Somatus offers hope to millions battling kidney disease, marking a new era in healthcare.

Learn more about the company via its official website

Also, follow the company on Instagram @SomatusKidneyCare

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