Black Woman Pioneers Patented Design For Eco-Friendly Paper Plates With Built-In Cup Holder

Lisa Renee Bell, Founder of Bell Bowls

Lisa Renee Bell, a trailblazing African-American female entrepreneur from Washington, DC, is the mastermind behind Bell Bowls, a line of disposable eco-friendly paper plates with a built-in cup holder. Designed and patented under her visionary leadership, her unique products represent a paradigm shift in the food storage industry, specifically when it comes to paper plates and sustainability.

Bell Bowls is not just another food container; it’s a game-changer. Engineered to hold both food and a lightweight cold beverage in one hand, it allows the other hand to remain free to savor every bite. This innovative and ingenious design underscores Lisa’s understanding of modern-day convenience and the evolving needs of consumers.

Notably, Lisa self-financed every stage of Bell Bowls' journey — from development and manufacturing to its importation from China to the USA. Her unwavering commitment to the product’s ingenuity and her entrepreneurial spirit have been the driving forces behind her product's inception and successful journey to the marketplace.

Bell Bowls' launch has been strategically orchestrated to align with Bell’s vision of attracting big-box retail distribution companies. Her ambition is clear: to position her brand as an indomitable force within the US market and then set sights on global expansion. With the correct partnerships, her design is poised to disrupt the $20 billion US paper plates and cups market and make substantial waves in the expansive $100 billion global market.

For consumers eager to experience the unparalleled convenience and future of food containers and paper plates, Lisa's product line is currently available for purchase on Amazon and can also be ordered at

For press inquiries, partnerships, or more information, please contact 202-744-6502 or

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