Husband and Wife, Both Doctors, Open Black-Owned Dual Practice Specializing in Sleep Medicine and Obesity Management

Drs. Christopher and Dafina Allen

In a groundbreaking move, Drs. Christopher and Dafina Allen, a trailblazing African American husband and wife duo, are making history in Saginaw, Michigan. These two accomplished doctors are not only bringing their individual medical practices under one roof, but are also breaking barriers as they unite their expertise as a married couple.Dr. Christopher is the proud owner of Quality Sleep and Neurology, and his wife, Dr. Dafina is the visionary owner of Wise Weight Management, are set to redefine healthcare dynamics in the city of Saginaw. Their decision to establish a joint practice transcends the traditional medical landscape, showcasing the strength of unity and shared goals within the realm of marriage and professional collaboration.

"As a husband and wife team, our journey is a testament to the power of partnership and shared passion for healthcare excellence," stated Dr. Christopher Allen. "By combining our practices, we not only aim to provide exceptional medical services, but also to inspire aspiring healthcare professionals, particularly within minority communities."

Dr. Dafina Allen echoed the sentiment, expressing, "Representation matters. We want our story to inspire young individuals, showing them that diversity in healthcare is not just possible but essential. Our joint venture is a celebration of love, commitment, and the impact we can collectively make on the communities we serve."

The Allens' decision to merge their practices is a bold step towards fostering inclusivity and representation in the medical field. Their collaboration not only brings together expertise in neurology and weight management, but also serves as inspirational examples for aspiring black professionals considering careers in medicine.

Together, they are dedicated to making a lasting impact on healthcare and inspiring the next generation of diverse medical professionals.

To learn more about Dr. Dafina’s company, visit or follow her brand on Instagram @WiseWeightManagement

To learn more about Dr. Chris’ company, follow his brand on Instagram @SleepDrChris

Or visit their location in-person at 2172 Hemmeter Rd, Saginaw, MI 48609.

For media inquiries, please contact Dr. Christopher J. Allen at 989-714-5860 or Maddison Godi (Media Manager) at 989-385-1188.

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