Meet the Black Woman Behind the World's Best Banana Pudding Available in 30+ Different Flavors

Janel Partor

Meet Janel Prator, the brains and heart behind The Puddery, a dessert empire based in Pearland, Texas, that specializes in over 30 flavors of banana pudding. Not just any officer, but the CPO, or Chief Pudding Officer, Janel is the embodiment of pure culinary passion mixed with entrepreneurial spirit.

In 2006, while working as a field technician for a phone company, Janel was unknowingly laying the foundation for a dessert revolution. She always had a penchant for treating her coworkers with her delightful home-cooked goodies.

But one day, when she brought her banana pudding into the workplace, the response was nothing short of a sensation. A positive frenzy, if you will. Realizing the gem she had, and being the "born-preneur" she prided herself on being, Janel saw this as an opportunity. And thus, The Puddery was born.

Rather than sticking to the traditional script, Janel took the beloved southern classic, the banana pudding, and reimagined it. She infused her puddings with premium ingredients, playing with an assortment of unique fruits and cookies, delivering a fresh take on a timeless treat.

The Puddery's banana pudding didn't just catch the attention of Janel's coworkers. Its fame soared, making appearances on reality shows such as The Great Food Truck Race formerly known as Nana Queens on the Food Network in 2010, and Mind Your Business with Mahisha Dillenger on OWN in 2018.

Fast forward to today, and Janel’s creations have earned their rightful place in various local retail locations. The Puddery's treats are also shipped across the nation, are the highlight of numerous special events, and can even be delivered right to your doorstep!

But Janel isn't stopping there. Her eyes gleam with future aspirations, including establishing multiple Puddery locations and continuing to create unique sweet treats like her cheesecakes on a stick and amazing croffles.

Transitioning from her days at the phone company, Janel is now wholeheartedly pursuing her dream, every single day. With a mission as sweet and clear as her puddings – to spread joy and pudding goodness in a cup around the globe – the world is, quite evidently, her pudding bowl.

To learn more about and/or support The Puddery, visit its brick-and-mortar location at 5517 Broadway Street, Pearland, Texas, or place an order online for delivery via its official website at

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