Black Woman’s Line of Collard Greens and Chitterlings Spice Blends Now Available at Walmart

Erica Gillespie, founder of Feisty Spices

Meet Erica Gillespie, the visionary founder of Feisty Spices, a Black-owned line of savory spices and blends inspired by her culinary heritage that stretches from the kitchen of her Alabama grandmother to the cultural rhythms of Ghana. Her most popular products are the Collard Greens and Chitterlings spice blends, and all of her products are available for purchase at Walmart, Amazon, Grocery Outlet, and other local grocery stores.

Based in Atlanta, Erica, who is a distant relative of jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie, began her culinary journey with a simple yet profound observation in her grandmother's kitchen, where an array of spices transformed meals into unforgettable experiences.

Since its inception in 2020, Feisty Spices has transcended expectations. Starting with a modest $500 and a passionate dream, the brand almost immediately garnered attention and success. Just five months into its launch, Erica received her first $30K purchase order with a major grocery chain committing to distribute the brand to their locations across the U.S.

With a passion for versatility and a commitment to offering her culture something different, Erica launched Feisty Spices, a brand that quickly became a kitchen essential nationwide. Rooted in tradition and innovation, her brand boasts unique blends that can be paired with any dish, setting the brand apart as the only one with access to these exclusive recipes.

"Feisty Spices isn't just a seasoning; it's a cultural necessity," Erica says. She believes that her spice blends are needed for the culture because of health concerns like heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure that are so prevalent. Several of her blends are low sodium, keto-friendly, and contain no MSG, providing healthier options without compromising on flavor.

Feisty Spices can be purchased from Walmart Marketplace in the U.S. and Mexico, on Amazon Prime, and via its official website at

The brand is also available in various stores across Atlanta including Grant Park Market and the Chandler Park Market. It is also distributed within Pic n Sav grocery stores across the state of Alabama.

Erica affirms her commitment to culinary innovation, stating, "I will continue to create unique blends in hopes of providing healthier options for cooks across America that don't compromise flavor.

Be sure to follow the brand on Instagram @FeistySpices

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