Black Entrepreneur Once Fired From Netflix Now Owns a Multimillion-Dollar Marketing Agency

Myles Worthington

Myles Worthington, an African American entrepreneur from Southern California has gone from being fired by Netflix to owning Worthi, a Los Angeles-based market agency that focuses on ethnography, communications, and content related to understanding people and cultures. Since launching in May 2022, Worthington has grown his firm into a multimillion-dollar marketing agency.

Before starting his own agency, Worthington had gained experience in various marketing roles, including a marketing executive position at Netflix. However, he saw internal changes happening at the company and thought it was time to take a new path.

"It's funny, I never thought I'd be an entrepreneur. Never thought I'd start my own company," Worthington told AfroTech. "It wasn't my ultimate goal. My wife actually was like, 'You should do your own thing.' And I was like, 'That's insane.' I like [my] every two weeks check situation. Lack of security and stability, that's not for me."

Initially hesitant about becoming an entrepreneur, Worthington's wife encouraged him to start his own company. In October 2021, he began contemplating the idea and put his thoughts on paper during the holiday break in January 2022.

In April 2022, Worthington was unexpectedly laid off from Netflix. However, just before the layoff, Worthi secured its first client, Peloton Interactive, with a $100,000 statement of work. Four days after being laid off, Worthington officially opened the doors of Worthi.

"It was like the most divine timing," he said.

Despite the initial uncertainty, Worthington embraced the opportunity and built Worthi from the ground up without any investors, funding, or loans. Today, Worthi is a successful multimillion-dollar agency with clients such as Paramount+, Lionsgate, and Peacock.

Worthington takes pride in creating a safe work environment for his employees. Worthi currently has seven full-time employees, and Worthington values diversity, intentionally hiring Black, Latina, and queer professionals. He appreciates the different perspectives they bring to the team and believes in providing fulfilling work that enriches both the employees and the clients.

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