Black Entrepreneur Launches T-Shirt Business-in-a-Box Kit for Easy Start-Up, Now Available at Walmart

Julie Williamson Sapp

Julie Williamson Sapp, founder and CEO of Sip. Learn. Press!, a pioneering Black-owned design company, is thrilled to introduce the T-Shirt Business-in-a-Box, an all-in-one kit for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners interested in starting or expanding their t-shirt businesses. This groundbreaking product, now available to Walmart's online shoppers, empowers individuals to effortlessly kickstart their ventures, offering comprehensive tools and resources in a single package.

The TShirt Business-in-a-Box has garnered immense popularity among those venturing into the t-shirt business. Packed with essential components such as t-shirt blanks, DTF Transfers, Sublimation Transfers, Screenprint Transfer, Rhinestone Transfer, UV DTF Waterproof Stickers, and a step-by-step instructional workbook, this kit provides everything needed to jumpstart a successful t-shirt business from the comfort of one's own home.

Julie expressed her excitement about this milestone, stating, "To date, we have sold over 500 boxes all across the country organically, and we are thrilled to announce our partnership with, which enables us to reach more aspiring entrepreneurs nationwide. This milestone allows us to assist entrepreneurs in making additional income for their families by providing them with the tools and resources needed to launch their own t-shirt businesses in the simplest way possible. We are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting expansion."

T-Shirt Business-in-a-Box caters to entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to design custom t-shirts for a wide range of occasions, including events, parties, and businesses. Whether individuals are looking for a side hustle or envisioning their own full-time t-shirt printing venture, this kit eliminates the need to invest in expensive equipment and supplies separately, offering a convenient all-in-one solution.

The kit is now available for purchase on or via the brand's official website at

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The company aspires to expand the availability of the T-Shirt Business-in-a-Box to physical Walmart stores and other venues such as Target and Barnes & Noble Bookstores. By making the kit accessible in physical stores, Sip. Learn. Press! aims to eliminate barriers and empower individuals to pursue their dreams of starting a t-shirt business.

About the Founder
Julie Williamson-Sapp is a versatile entrepreneur with expertise in retail, blogging, website/graphic design, and e-commerce. Based in Florida, Julie manages thriving websites and excels in various business ventures. Her latest focus revolves around the t-shirt business, supplying transfers, and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs.

Julie is also a published author with several books and journals available on Amazon including Creating Your Life Plan: Practical Ways to Manifest a Life You Can Love, How To Start a TShirt Business from Home Workbook and The Ultimate Guide to Building Business Credit. Her diverse skills and entrepreneurial spirit inspire many.

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