Black Parents Hire Their 16-Year-Old Daughter to Run Family-Owned Soul Food Restaurant

Gabby Morrison
Photo Credit: Charlotte Observer

At just 16 years old, Gabby Morrison, who is from Charlotte, North Carolina, has been appointed as the manager of Nana Morrison's Soul Food's newest restaurant location. Her parents gave her the responsibility to run the family restaurant where she will earn a $100,000 annual salary for her role.

Since her childhood, Gabby has been actively involved in the family business, as how it is with her 3 other siblings. When she was 5 years old, she started with simple tasks such as wiping down tables and stocking up utensils. As she grew older, her responsibilities expanded, and by age 10, she was making hiring decisions and managing various aspects of the business.

At 16 years old, Gabby took on the challenge of managing an entire restaurant, the second location of Nana Morrison in Charlotte. Gabby decided to forego attending college even though she has excelled academically and has consistently made the honor roll at Marvin Ridge High School. She believes that the opportunity to grow within the restaurant industry is the best path for her.

"I was like, OK, this is the next step in my career," Gabby told the Charlotte Observer. "I can do this now, or put my career on hold that I know is always gonna be here, and take another path, and it might not work out. So it's like, just stick to what you know, and continue on with the restaurant business, and I can grow in it."

Nana Morrison's Soul Food Restaurant was opened in 2011 after Gabby's parents Shawn and Kiana Morrison, who moved from New York to Charlotte, couldn't find a soul-food restaurant in the area. Since then, the restaurant quickly gained popularity for its authentic Southern soul-food menu. Most recently, her parents opened a second location, wherein they hired Gabby to work as the manager.

Her parents said the decision to hand over the responsibility of managing the new location to Gabby was not made lightly. They really believe in her capabilities, emphasizing that her position is not due to favoritism but her proven competence and hard work. They are proud of her dedication to the job.

"It's pretty exciting, me just thinking about it," Shawn said. "Some guys' 16-year-olds are out chasing guys, and our daughter -- our 16-year-old daughter -- is gonna be running a multi-million dollar business."

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Also, support the business by going to its locations at 2908 Oaklake Blvd. Suite 106, Charlotte, NC 28208, and 3824 Corning Place Suite A, Charlotte, NC 28216.

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