Founder of Black-Owned Skincare Brand Awarded Top Honor from National Eczema Association

Chaundra Turner, the founder and CEO of Chatham Natural Skin Care, is celebrating having been awarded the National Eczema Association (NEA) Seal of Acceptance and being added to their list of trusted brands. Her company's products have made it easier for people seeking targeted solutions for eczema and dry skin.

According to the NEA, "The seal is the most trusted mark for the millions of people who live with eczema – and even more with sensitive skin – the search for personal care and household products can be triggering, in every sense of the word. The Seal empowers individuals to find products that are suitable for them and their family."

Chaundra comments, "Being a mom of a child with eczema, I know first-hand what parents go through. It is often times difficult to find a moisturizer that keeps the skin moisturized for extended periods of time. Receiving the seal of acceptance acknowledged our work in creating not only a product that worked but one that was safe.”

While the NEA’s website confirms only a handful of brands have received this official seal, Chatham Natural Skin Care is amongst name brands such as Shea Moisture, La Roche-Posay, Cetaphil®, AVEENO, and a handful of other companies. The founder understands the responsibility behind this prestigious seal. Qualifying for the seal required the company to go thru a small clinical trial where the products were tested for known allergens by a dermatologist on a wide array of participants. After applying for the seal, the products were reviewed by another dermatologist assigned by the NEA.

Chaundra stated, "While this process took about 9 months, it felt like years. The most tedious part was cutting up 75 bars of soap into 1 mm cubes to prepare samples for the participants. There was a lot of back and forth with the lab. We probably logged about 1500 man-hours.”

Chatham Natural Skin Care caters to infants, children, and adults with eczema or those who have a difficult time finding a good moisturizer. According to the NEA, "Approximately 9.6 million U.S children under the age of 19 have AD (Atopic Dermatitis), and one-third have moderate to severe disease. The prevalence of childhood AD has increased from 8% to 15% since 1997."

In tandem with earning the National Eczema Association seal, the company has also expanded and can be found on Amazon and on Chandra adds, “Our goal has always been to provide ease of access to quality products that are also safe for the entire family.”

Chatham Natural Skin Care is the innovation of a mother seeking a solution for her child. It was born out of the most basic and fundamental human experience - a mother’s love. Learn more at

For press inquiries, contact or 919-519-0783.

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