Former NBA Star Lamar Odom is the New Owner of Three Drug Treatment Facilities in California

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom, who previously played in the NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers, has acquired three drug addiction treatment centers in San Diego County, California hoping to help save people's lives. The facilities will be called Odom Wellness Treatment Centers.

"He wants to help everyone he can," the representative for Odom told TMZ Sports. "He is thankful that he was given a second chance at his life and feels his destiny is to help others."

In 2015, Odom was in a similar situation when he was placed on life support following a drug overdose. He even had numerous strokes and heart attacks while in a coma. After fortunately surviving, Odom made it his goal to help others turn their life around too.

Odom invested in the rehab facilities along with Christian hip-hop artist Dontae Ralston and former Hall of Fame skateboarder Dennis Martinez. He reportedly brokered the deal with his management K&R and Gitoni.

The facilities, which are located in the cities of San Diego, El Cajon, and Lemon Grove, each have a residential treatment home for women and 2 detox and residential homes for men. What's more, Odom is planning to expand to 2 other treatment facilities.

As a business, the global drug addiction treatment industry generates more than $16.5 billion a year in revenue. Around the world, there are more than 14,000 treatment facilities and about 3.7 million people receive treatment each year.

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