Black Author Helps Entrepreneurs Soar to New Heights With New Book

Elzie D. Flenard

Elzie D. Flenard, III has released his latest title Flame Starter - The Art of Self-Mastery, an Amazon Best Selling book that is a must-read for high-achieving entrepreneurs looking to elevate their game without burning out.

Elzie is a renowned author and storyteller who has made a name for himself in the world of podcasting and coaching. He is known as the "Mayor of Podcast Town" and runs an all-inclusive podcast agency that helps brands grow their shows and build an effective content machine. His trusted methods of inspiring and challenging his followers and clients have paved the way for his latest project, Flame Starter - The Art of Self-Mastery.

Flame Starter is a practical guide for those who use their "mix" of creativity, innovation, and talents to achieve peak performance and light their flames.

It utilizes the EMIT Principle (education x motivation x inspiration = transformation) to provide actionable insights that are sure to help readers unlock their full potential.

"I remember what it was like to feel stuck and 'out of gas' within my business. I didn't know how to move forward. Flame Starter is the book I wish I had at some of the most challenging moments in my career," says Elzie.

As of December 2022, Flame Starter has hit the Amazon Best Sellers list with a 5-star rating on Amazon. Readers have praised its practical advice and insightful approach to self-mastery.

About the author
Elzie D. Flenard III defies categorization; he's an entrepreneur with creative ideas all products of unique thinking who weaves together music speaking podcasting coaching into storytelling tapestries that inspire, challenge, educate, entertain & transform lives! With "The Mayor Of Podcast Town" you can count on him always innovating creating opportunities & building bridges.

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