HBCU Grad Turned Multi-Millionaire Reveals How Broken Pieces of Life Drove Her to Success

Earica Alexander Cole

Earica Alexander Cole, an HBCU graduate of the Univ. of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and the first black multi-millionaire of Paparazzi Accessories, motivational speaker, philanthropist, financial advisor, and credit expert has written her first book. A memoir on her life’s journey thus far. Her book, Broken Pieces Created My Purpose, is filled with testimonials of experiences throughout her life. The release of the book is accompanied with a Self Guided Journal to Healing Your Broken Pieces.

Sickle Cell Anemia, racism in Corporate America, divorce, bankruptcy, Hurricane Katrina, miscarriages, and family tragedies have been the fuel to this young woman’s life purpose of helping others.

Topics dealing with grief from the tragic loss of her sister, the obstacles of Corporate America, divorce and learning to love again, infertility, becoming a step parent as well as overcoming childhood trauma, all while living with a disease she was told she would die young from. Doctors counted her out for a normal life but she’s taken the challenge and succeeded beyond any of their expectations.

Earica is an HBCU graduate who attended Florida A&M University her freshman year in college and graduated from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. She is active with community outreach, helping with voter registration and committed to supporting multiple non-profit organizations. In her book, Earica reveals the broken pieces of life that has driven her to the success she has today.

Earica’s book tour will be throughout the Spring of 2023, including her embarkation of Purpose parties (virtual and in-person). Her desire is to create a movement of people no longer saying, ‘Why me?’ but ‘Why NOT me?’ Using their pain and past experiences to help others fulfill their destiny and purpose. Get connected with Earica and her team today at EaricaCole.com to make your 2023 and your life filled with PURPOSE!

For press inquiries, contact leadlikeaboss@gmail.com

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