This Black Entrepreneur Hit $1M in T-Shirt Sales While Working a Full-Time Job

Ari Simpson

Meet Ari Simpson, the founder of a statement t-shirt brand called Tees of Life who was able to generate a million dollars in revenue within just three years while she was also juggling motherhood and a full-time job.

In 2020, Simpson and her husband founded Tees of Life to quench her creative thirst to say what she wanted to say. Since she has always loved statement t-shirts, she thought of creating a t-shirt brand that features sassy messages of self-love and confidence directed mostly to women.

Simpson said she and her husband were clueless when they started the business, but they were passionate about what they were doing. Simpson, who was then working a 9-5 job, used all her free time from work to grow the business. She even sacrificed her lunch breaks, PTOs, weekends, and special events with family and friends, she told Black Enterprise.

Within just 3 years, everything she did has been worth it. The brand got an overwhelming response initially from their local community until they reached more people on social media and sold more than 50,000 statement t-shirts. As Tees of Life hit the million-dollar mark, Simpson left her job to focus more on the business.

Learn more about the brand via its official website at

Also, be sure to follow the brand on Instagram @TeesOfLife_Official

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