Entrepreneur/ Designer Creates Sugamama, the First Ever 18-Inch Black Superhero Doll

Shaneisha Dodson

Shaneisha Dodson, founder and CEO of a popular Black-owned retail platform for kids called Brilliant Girl, has launched the Sugamama doll, the world's first 18-inch Black superhero doll. She says that her company's goal with all of its designs is to create more representation for black girls in the toy industry.

According to Shaneisha, when she was growing up, she was not able to find many dolls that represented her or carried the cultural characteristics of her people. In a mission to change that narrative, Brilliant Girl has now launched a line of dolls that carry exciting backstories and come with various clothing options to make playtime interactive and fun.

She comments, “All superheroes don't wear capes, sometimes they wear aprons and eat cookies.” With our dolls, we hope to give young girls the power to love themselves, to believe that can achieve the unimaginable, and to see themselves as the superheroes they are. Girls idolize their dolls and finding dolls that represent their true essence and the beauty of their culture is amazing.

The Sugamama Doll is the company's first original doll and is a girl superhero who loves to bake and eat cookies. In addition to the doll, Brilliant Girl offers picture books and coloring books so children can spend time with their parents reading about all the adventures of Sugamama.

For more details about the company, visit the official website at TheBrilliantGirl.com

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