Black Couple Sells Their 236-Acre Farm in Upstate New York to Developers for $13.7 Million

Chid Liberty and Georgie Badiel-Liberty

Meet Chid Liberty and Georgie Badiel-Liberty, a husband and wife from Rhinebeck, New York, who have reportedly sold their 236-acre farm for $13.7 million. They had been the owners of the upstate property for nearly a year after buying it for $8.5 million in 2021.

Chid, who is a Liberian native, is an entrepreneur, co-founder, and CEO of the fair-trade apparel manufacturer Liberty & Justice and the Made in Africa label, and his wife Georgie, who is from Burkina Faso, is a fashion model, activist, and philanthropist. They bought the farm in a distressed transaction for $8.5 million in 2021.

Nearly a year later, the couple reached an off-market deal to sell the biodynamic farm to Six Senses, one of the most luxurious global hotel brands, for $13.75 million. The property is supposedly slated to be transformed into a resort.

Inside the 236-acre property, there is a 3,600-square-foot stone house that was built in 1768 and has been maintained with original details since then. It has 8 fireplaces, 2 bedrooms, 4½ baths, and an artist's studio. There's also a 7,200-square-foot barn that was also built in the 1780s that has been transformed into a 10-room inn and spa.

The couple purchased the property in partnership with a friend. It was originally intended to be used as a family compound that they could pass down to the next generations.

"The idea was to make [the property] our main residence and do retreats there with impact organizations," Chid told the New York Post. "We did a bunch of retreats for Equity Alliance and Unreasonable Impact, and hosted our own, with yoga, hikes, and horses. We loved it."

They weren't planning to sell the property but they still received calls from numerous prospective buyers. They declined at least three offers until they decided to name a "ridiculous price."

Now that their former home has been sold, they relocated to Williamsburg and spend more time traveling. They are also working on their future business ventures and philanthropic efforts.

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