Dentist Makes History as the 1st Black Woman to Own an Electric Toothbrush Line

Dr. Bobbi Peterson

Celebrity orthodontist Dr. Bobbi Peterson has become one of the country’s top dentists. As a second-generation HBCU grad and the founder of her own practice in New York City, she has even launched her own line of electric toothbrushes called Big Mouth Toothbrush.Her practice, Aces Braces, is located in the heart of Brooklyn an reflects her commitment to communities of color and her mission to make oral health central to public health.

She specializes in all aspects of orthodontics including retainer installations, fixing crooked or crowded teeth, gapped teeth, and crossbites.

In addition to her new line of electric toothbrushes that she says are "very untraditional" and are "guaranteed to be a spa in your mouth," Dr. Peterson is also now working with a local community college in New York to offer dental services to students who are interested in becoming orthodontists. She even opens up her offices to students so they can benefit from hands-on training.

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