From Welfare to Skincare: Black Entrepreneur Who Was Once on Public Assistance Opens 3rd Spa and Skin Treatment Center

Sherry Hurtado, founder of Blissful Body Aesthetics

Sherry Hurtado, a woman who once relied on public assistance to make ends meet, is now a highly acclaimed esthetician and the owner of Blissful Body Aesthetics which has just opened its third waxing spa and skin rejuvenation treatment center in the affluent city of Rahway, New Jersey. The new location is her third in under just one year and is equipped with sophisticated equipment, friendly staff, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Blissful Body Aesthetics' first location, which opened last year, took off allowing her to open her second location in Miami, Florida less than six months later and now a third location in Rahway, New Jersey. The new location has a larger space and can accommodate many clients. Offering more than a simple wax, the new Zen space offers a great day spa experience as the center provides professional staff and state-of-the-art equipment for enhancing appearance to the next level while still accommodating clients and maintaining safety precautions related to the pandemic.

Sherry, who is a New Jersey native, explains, “The pandemic although was a travesty to most; it was a tremendous blessing to me and my family who once relied on public assistance to make ends meet. The time I spent in quarantine when the world shut down forced me to think about my future my family and the legacy I would want to leave behind. I decided to take my stimulus checks and invest in my future my kid’s future. I began purchasing new equipment for my own salon and now I’m offering jobs to not only people in my community, but my daughters are now estheticians as well.”

Blissful Body Aesthetics is not relenting as a top service providing salon in New Jersey. Since its establishment in January 2021, the esthetics salon has worked to earn the trust of customers and has not stopped providing top-rated services. The waxing salon offers unmatched body care services such as waxing, vajacial rejuvenation sessions, mini facials and provides take-home spa kits and products.

Here's what some of her customers are saying:

“I love, love, LOVED my first experience here and I look forward to the rest to come! Finally, finding a wax salon that is perfect for you is such a breath of air! I was super comfortable the entire time and felt like I was truly taken care of and cared about. Much love to Sherry the owner!” -- Crowndellie

“Amazing experience! Sherry was amazing! It was really the best experience I’ve had with waxing. I definitely recommend going here. Friendly, very clean, smells good and has amazing customer service. I’m really big on how friendly and welcoming places are, especially for waxing because it can be an awkward experience, but Sherry was very nice and calming. Very relaxing atmosphere.” -- Sharon

Sherry understands the importance of offering body care services in a relaxing environment and has therefore designed all three locations to be luxurious. Customers can customize and curate their spa experience by choosing from the menu of services or subscribing to one of the available plans and booking in advance.

As a fast-growing brand, Sherry is looking to continue expansion in the future until Blissful Body Aesthetics becomes the most sought-after waxing salon in the country.

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