Founder of Several Six-Figure Businesses Launches Curriculum For Aspiring Black Women CEOs

Angela Y. Ervin, founder of 6-Figure Entrepreneurial Lab

Meet Angela Y. Ervin, founder of the 6-Figure Entrepreneurial Lab for female CEOs, a unique workshop, podcast, and curriculum that was established to assist other like-minded entrepreneurs to expand their personal brands. For over 25 years, she has been empowering and transforming the lives of men and women entrepreneurs across the country as the President and CEO of E. Enterprise & Investments, LLC and many other ventures.

Angela is an accomplished business professional, leader, teacher, coach, and mentor. She is also the founder of a very successful child learning center that proudly served over 120 children with ages ranging from infancy to the sixth grade.

She recently received an MKE Treasure Award for all the extraordinary work she has done to improve her community in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Additionally, in November 2020, she was honored to receive the Successful Professional Women Award.

Being that such a dynamic public speaker has offered her the opportunity to speak alongside some of the most prominent voices in our nation, such as Dr. Caroline Leaf and Michelle McClain. Further highlighting Angela’s many accomplishments, she’s a published author, many times over. Some of her published books are: Kingdom Decrees to Receive Supernatural Health and Healing; The Power to Heal; and The Rise of the Female Entrepreneur. Her latest titles include Hello World It's Me, How to Start Skincare Company, and Get It into Retailers.

She created The Girl Evolved as a curriculum with a focus on mental health, entrepreneurship, and transformation and is looking forward to where this latest venture will take her. Hence, she is excited to announce that she has recently embarked on yet another new journey, recently incorporating her curriculums into local and private schools.

Angela has amassed a great deal of her business expertise due to her many investments. She has owned and operated several six-figure businesses; some of those businesses have been a children's learning center, a janitorial company, a construction company, and currently The Evolve - A Skincare Brand.

The Evolve Posh Brand was formulated when Angela decided she wanted people all across the world to experience skincare products with real ingredients and real, visible results.

From her personal experience with dark spots, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation, Angela knew first-hand how not having clear skin can affect your confidence. She notably states, “I created Evolve to help women's skin achieve its optimum natural glow.”

For more information about her skincare brand, visit

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Also, be sure to follow her on social media @iamangelayvonne or @evolveposhbrand.

About 6-Figure Lab:
It is a community, workshop and podcast designed for ambitious female CEOs who are driven to not just make six figures in revenue but take home six figures in profit. The goal is to help you expand your brand, launch your business so you can more profit, make more impact, and have more freedom.

For press inquiries, contact or (866) 216-9281.

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