37-Year Old Founder of Black-Owned Trucking Company Grows to $4M in Revenue in 3 Years

Pierre Laguerre, founder of Fleeting

Fleeting, a fleet management services company founded by 37-year old Black entrepreneur Pierre Laguerre, is now one of the fastest-growing trucking companies in the US having profited nearly $4 million within just three years since it started!

Laguerre, who is from Haiti, moved to the U.S. when he was 15-years old. Back then, he dreamed of becoming a neurologist, but he decided not to pursue it. Eventually, he learned about trucking, which he said served as his escape.

For 12 years, Laguerre worked as a truck driver and operator and that's when he saw some issues such as lack of transparency between truck owners and drivers. In 2018, he founded Fleeting, a platform that connects shippers, truck owners, and drivers with hopes to bring solutions.

Since then, Fleeting has been helping revolutionize the trucking industry using technology. The company also aims to address the shortage of truck drivers and offers training for the formerly incarcerated and underprivileged people--men or women--to get a commercial driver's license.

Most recently, Fleeting has received a seed round investment of $500,000 from Kyrie Irving, NBA superstar and founder of a new consulting firm, KAI 11 Consulting, and Lockstep Ventures.

For more information, visit Fleeting.us

or follow the brand on Instagram @DriveFleeting
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