3 Friends Open Charlotte’s First and Only Black Woman-Owned Skate Park

Founders of Rollin CLT

Three friends — Kendria Holmes, Brandi Fox, and Sh'niqua Ussery — have opened the first and only Black-owned skate park in Charlotte, North Carolina called Rollin' CLT. It is a one-of-a-kind skating rink and lounge that offers skate rentals and food trucks, as well as a hookah bar and a live DJ.

"It's always been a dream of mine to open up a skating rink because we don't currently have any in Charlotte. Everything else is on the outskirts," Holmes told Travel Noire.

Holmes met Fox in 2018 and then they met Ussery two years later. The trio shared the same passion and decided to open a skating rink in the city that would offer an experience like no other.

Rollin' CLT is open outdoors every weekend with Friday and Saturday nights for adults only and Sundays for the whole family. Customers can bring their own skates or rent from them. Private parties can also be held at the location.

The trio plans to expand and launch an indoor rink next year.

For more information about Rollin' CLT, visit RollinCLT.com or follow them on Instagram @rollin_clt

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