Gayle King Surprises 14-Year Old Black CEO With $50K Investment

Gabby Goodwin, a 14-year old girl from Columbia, South Carolina who is the CEO of and founder of GaBBY Bows, is extremely grateful after receiving an investment worth $200,000, of which $50,000 is from broadcast journalist Gayle King.

During her interview in an episode on the new podcast One Hundred Percent with Marcus Lemonis, Gabby talked avidly about the business she founded when she was just 5-years old.

She said she got the idea out of frustration from always losing her hair barrettes that keep falling out of her hair. She then started creating the patented double-faced double-snap barrette until she also developed a range of natural hair care products that are sold online and in 74 Target locations across the country.

Gabby was surprised when Lemonis said that he would gift her a $150,000 investment for her business. She touch even more when Gayle King, who had joined them during the show, also expressed her admiration for the young CEO and said that she would also gift her with a $50,000 investment.

"These investments mean so much to me. As a Black-owned business, it has been hard raising capital. To also be in partnership with both Marcus Lemonis and Gayle King is a blessing," Gabby said, according to Black Enterprise. "Their investments will help me develop and purchase products and grow my team to better serve our Confidence families."

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